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Why is Health Insurance Important?

Why is Health Insurance Important?
Why is Health Insurance Important? Today in Ukraine, getting sick is expensive. The cost of doctors, medicines, necessary procedures, examinations, often exceeds the income of citizens. To get out of the situation with again, without worrying about the cost of treatment, the purchase of the VHI policy (voluntary medical insurance) will help.

What will give consumers voluntary health insurance? The policy ensures the receipt of qualified medical care in the event of an insured event. In such situations, the insurance company compensates for the full or partial cost of medications, examinations, tests necessary to treat the patient.

The issued voluntary medical insurance policy allows you to receive timely and prompt assistance to all insured persons in public or private medical institutions provided for by the contract. Each VHI program is formed individually, based on the wishes and needs of the client of the insurance company. An exception is the drafting of corporate insurance contracts for company employees. By purchasing insurance, every resident of Ukraine can be sure that the necessary medical care will be provided on time and in the most comfortable conditions.

How much is a medical insurance policy

A person can receive medical care by concluding a voluntary health insurance contract in any clinic or hospital that has signed an agreement with an insurance company. In most cases, the problem of choosing medical insurance is directly related to two factors:
  • the cost of VHI 
  • accessibility of medical facilities.
Find out how much is in your city voluntary medical insurance, can be on the site of the service provider, or contact the insurance service. More detailed information about the prices for the policy can be obtained after discussing the details of the contract, including the conditions for the occurrence of insured events.

As a rule, the cost of medical insurance depends on:
  • list of risks;
  • insurance registration region;
  • the number of insured persons;
  • health status of the client.
You will find out the final figure in the contract after discussing all the details of insurance and passing a medical examination.
What does health insurance cover?

What does health insurance cover?

One of the factors that influence the desire to take out life and health insurance is a list of insurance claims. Voluntary health insurance can cover a variety of situations:
  • inpatient care - examination, therapeutic and surgical treatment, specialist consultation, stay in a medical institution, provision of drugs;
  • outpatient care - calling a doctor at home, counselling, conducting diagnostic measures, registration of sick leave;
  • payment and delivery of medicines;
  • emergency medical care, ambulance departure, transportation to the hospitalization site, emergency care;
  • Dental care - sanitation of the oral cavity, x-ray examination, examination of a doctor, counselling, therapeutic and surgical dental care.
Depending on the terms of the VHI agreement, the list of insured events can be expanded or narrowed at the request of the insured. It is worth considering that, according to the legislation of Ukraine, each resident of the state can draw up a voluntary medical insurance contract. But if you include more options in the list of insurance cases, the cost of insurance will increase.

The validity of the insurance starts from the moment the customer pays the first insurance premium and lasts until the expiration of the period for which the contract was concluded.

How does health insurance work?

What kind of health insurance can be better understood if you understand the principle of the operation of this type of service? Most companies offer a standard scheme for the use of VMI policy:
  • upon the occurrence of an insured event, the client gets the opportunity to use the services of a selected private or public medical institution within the budget and services specified in the contract;
  • the budget, the list of services, the cost of the policy, the list of clinics depend on the individual characteristics of the insured person;
  • in the event of an insured event, the client of the insurance company contacts the operator of medical assistance and reports on the need for assistance;
  • the insured person can ask for help at those clinics or the doctor whose data the insurance company will provide;
  • Compensation under an insurance contract may be full or partial, depending on the terms of the contract between the client and the insurance company.
Learning how to get voluntary medical insurance, you will certainly be familiar with the list of contraindications to the conclusion of the contract. The insurance company may refuse if the client has a disability, HIV, kidney failure, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes mellitus, congenital diseases. Also, people with alcohol or drug addiction should not count on insurance.
How to choose the best health insurance

How to choose the best health insurance

What type of honey insurance is better? Before making a final decision, carefully study those companies where you can get voluntary medical insurance in the amount you need. Information about the activities of insurance companies is available on the Web - look at the reviews of clients of the insurance company, the site of a potential insurer, find out how the reputation of the insurance company is positive and beyond doubt.

Among all the options you like, give preference to the one that most closely matches your requirements:
  • cost of services;
  • number of programs for private and corporate clients;
  • compliance of the proposed programs with customer requirements;
  • accessibility of partner medical facilities.
For example, if your main problem is the need for frequent examinations by a dentist, then insurance should be selected taking into account this specificity (at the same time, it should be understood that not all insurance companies include acute toothache in the list of insurance cases, not to mention preventive examinations for a dentist).

Why is health insurance necessary and how important is insurance? Unfortunately, the modern system of protecting the life and health of citizens does not allow anyone in need of medical care to receive it in the required amount and at a high professional level. And it's not just about the high cost of drugs. The main value of health insurance is not in the compensation of treatment costs, as it might seem at first glance (although this is a weighty argument “for”). The main reason why residents of Ukraine choose in favour of VHI is the level of service and comfort guaranteed by insurance.

The absence of the need to queue for a doctor, undergo an examination on outdated equipment, lack of the ability to purchase vital drugs, lack of confidence in the speed of emergency assistance - all these reasons can be confidently called significant. The presence of an insurance policy can be vital in case of an accident, with a sharp deterioration in health, the occurrence of a stressful situation. It is the VHI agreement that gives confidence that assistance will be provided promptly and at a decent level.

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