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What is the use of mango and to whom it can harm

Lifehacker has collected nine reasons to eat this fruit as often as possible.

In India and Southeast Asia, where mangoes have been known for over 4,000 years, the fruit was called the king of fruits. And this is not an exaggeration.

100 g of yellow juicy pulp contains mango, Rawjust 60 kilocalories, which makes mango an ideal dessert for those who plan to lose weight. And about two dozen vital vitamins and minerals that can quite significantly affect the condition of the skin, hair, eyes, immunity and other organs and systems. For the better, of course.
What is the use of mango and to whom it can harm

What is the use of mangoes
Here are some evidence-based reasons. Mango: Nutrition, Health Benefits and How to Eat It eat this sweet fruit more often.

Note: since mango is not a cure, there is no question of its dosage. No doctor will tell you exactly how much and what kind of fruit you need to eat in order to guarantee better health. In general, in order to benefit, it is enough to eat one average fruit per day.

1. It will be easier for you to lose weight
It's not just about the minimum number of calories. The fruit is rich in fibre - an average of 1.6 grams per 100-gram serving. This means that despite the low-calorie content of mangoes are very satisfying.

Try adding it to dinner as a dessert, or replace it with dinner. Such a snack will help you stay full longer and not reach for a pack of chips or another cutlet.

There is one more secret. At least one studyMango polyphenols (Mangifera Indica L.) and their microbial metabolites suppress adipogenesis and fat accumulation by mediating AMPK signalling pathways in 3T3L ‑ 1 adipocyte showed that phytochemicals that are contained in the pulp of mangoes contribute to the breakdown of cells in adipose tissue and inhibit the accumulation of fat. Scientists suggest that the inclusion of this fruit in the diet can be a good prevention of obesity.

2. Your immune system will work normally
Mango is one of the most generous sources of vitamin C. 200–250 g of pulp is enough to get the daily intake. Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Carotenoidsascorbic acid. This is extremely important for the immune system since the substance stimulates the production of white blood cells - white blood cells, which are the first to rush to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, toxins and other harmful invasions.

3. Perhaps you will become more cheerful
The same vitamin C improves iron bioavailability and dietary reference values the absorption of iron from food. If we don’t get enough of this mineral with food, it’s more difficult for the body to produce hemoglobin - a blood protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to all organs and tissues. The fact that hemoglobin is not enough is indicated by the following symptoms:
  • fast fatiguability;
  • constant fatigue;
  • Dizziness
  • pallor;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • cold arms and legs.
If you know this, try eating mangoes for dessert. Sweet fruit will help compensate for iron deficiency.

4. The risk of chronic diseases will decrease, and youth will last

All the same, vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant.

So-called substances that protect cells from damage by free radicals. The more free radicals in the body, the stronger the so-called oxidative stress. His doctor's find chronic inflammation and oxidative stress as a major cause of age-related diseases and cancer with the emergence of many chronic diseases - from diabetes and cardiovascular disorders to autoimmune, oncological processes and dementia. Among other things, oxidative stress causes accelerated external aging - wrinkles and age spots appear on the skin easier and faster, it sags.

Vitamin C supplemented in manga major Mango Polyphenols and Their Potential Significance to Human Health and other antioxidants - plant polyphenols, including mangiferin, catechins, anthocyanins, quercetin, kaempferol, ramekin, benzoic acid and not only. Thanks to this, the fruit is able to stop the aging and development of chronic diseases.

5. Heart condition will improve
Mango contains nutrients necessary for the health of the cardiovascular system. For example, magnesium basics and potassium heart and potassium: a banana republic(they help maintain a healthy heart rate and normalize blood pressure).

Or already named mangiferin. ResearchProtective effect of mangiferin on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: role of AGE-RAGE / MAPK pathways, Mangiferin protects rat myocardial tissue against cyclophosphamide-induced cardiotoxicityanimals show that this antioxidant is able to protect heart cells from oxidative stress and inflammation. Human experiments have not yet been conducted, but scientists call the existing data promising.

6. Digestion problems will decrease.
Due to its high fibre content, mango helps relieve constipation and diarrhea. One four week study polyphenols ‑ rich Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Ameliorate Functional Constipation Symptoms in Humans beyond Equivalent Amount of Fiber among adults with chronic constipation, it was shown that daily use of the fetus alleviates the condition more effectively than a dietary supplement containing the same amount of soluble dietary fibre.

In addition, mango hasMango starch degradation. II. The binding of alpha-amylase and beta-amylase to the starch granuledigestive enzymes that improve the breakdown of food. As a result, food is absorbed better.

7. You protect eyesight
Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are also rich in mangoes, are beneficial fruits and vegetables that are sources for lutein and zeaxanthin: the macular pigment in human eyes affect the state of the retina and protect it from damage caused by excess light.

8. The condition of the skin and hair will improve.
Vitamin C also enhances the Roles of Vitamin C in Skin Health collagen production - a protein that allows skin and hair to maintain elasticity and strength.

In addition, mangoes are a good source of vitamin A: it contributesEndogenous retinoids in the hair follicle and sebaceous gland hair growth.

9. The risk of certain types of cancer may be reduced.
The plant antioxidants mentioned above, polyphenols, are responsible for this.

In vitro and animal studies show that mango polyphenols canAnticarcinogenic effects of polyphenolics from mango (Mangifera indica) varieties to suspend and even reverse the development of cells of various types of cancer - in particular, the colon, lungs, prostateInduction of apoptosis by lupeol and mango extract in mouse prostate and LNCaP cells, Mammary glandMango polyphenolics suppressed tumour growth in breast cancer xenografts in mice: role of the PI3K / AKT pathway and associated microRNAs and blood.

Naturally, with oncological diseases, no mango can replace a full-fledged professional therapy. But the fruit is still capable of supporting the body in the struggle for health.

How and to whom mango can harm
In the vast majority of cases, the fruit is safe. There are only two points to consider.

1. Make sure you are not allergic to it
For some people, the substances contained in mangoes (especially peels) can be allergens.

Most often, the reaction to them manifests itself delayed allergic reaction after eating mangoes?in the form of contact dermatitis, affecting the area around the mouth: lips and skin become inflamed, crack, become painful and itchy. But in some causes hypersensitivity manifestations to the fruit mango can even go to anaphylactic shock.

In general, if you ever had an allergic reaction to mangoes, even in the form of a slight burning sensation on your lips, you should refuse the fruit for all its usefulness.

2. Do not eat too much
On average fruit per day is more than enough to squeeze out all the necessary benefits. More is already bad. There are enough natural sugars in the sweet pulp of mangoesMango, Raw which, if overloaded, can cause health problems - for example, an increase in blood sugar (this is especially dangerous for diabetics) or weight gain.

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