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How to lose weight in a week and stay alive.

Summer is approaching, which means that many are beginning to think about how to lose weight. It is advisable that in a few days and to lose at least 5 kg. Life hackers found out whether this is real and what they will have to sacrifice.
How to lose weight in a week and stay alive.

How do fast diets work?
Express diets are conditionally divided into several types:
  1. You need to eat a week on the menu, which contains a negligible amount of calories.
  2. It takes a week to eat the same set of foods with the same negligible amount of calories.
  3. It takes a week to eat one superfood (or drink a cocktail) that will destroy the fat and at the same time cure all diseases.
In addition to the above, you need to do something for detox. Here, the imagination of the authors is endless: from ordinary enemas to baths with huge salt content and wraps with cling film.
All of these methods combine two things. These are varieties of self-mockery when an organism is driven into extreme conditions. And also, in theory, it helps to lose weight quickly.

Is it realistic to lose kilograms in a week?
Not always. Much depends on how your weight was original. A person with obesity (when the body mass index is more than 30) or simply overweight can theoretically lose one kilogram per day.

But this is not at all the weight to be lost.

In theory, during a fast diet, the body should waste stored fat in order to receive energy that ceases to come from food.

In practice, the body does not think well enough to understand why it was no longer given normal nutrition. Therefore, wastes not only fat reserves but also fluid with muscles.

And if a person initially did not have excess weight, he simply had a desire to become even slimmer, then he had nothing to lose too much. In this case, an express diet may not produce any result.

Is there any harm to fast diets?
There is much more harm than good.
The reason is that with fast diets, weight loss is fluid loss. The body is simply not able to process several kilograms of fat in a few days. Therefore, only water can quickly leave the body.

The fluid will leave simultaneously from the skin, and from the blood, and from the muscles. In this case, the brain will suffer - dehydration is the first to hit the nervous tissue. The consequences are headache and fatigue.

However, weakness due to lack of energy is the expected effect. But the appearance of gallstones is an unpleasant surprise, from which overweight people who decide to abruptly go on a rigid diet sufferDieting and gallstones.

The most harmful consequence of all these diets is the belief that it is necessary to lose weight. Why do I need to follow the diet every day, exercise regularly and generally think about health when you can suffer for several days and get results?

And naturally, such diets cannot be called balanced. The body does not have enough trace elements, one after another incomprehensible problem will stretch hooding a Safe and Successful Weight-loss Program. To understand what the constant pampering with such diets threatens, it is enough to read the forums.

Fans of extreme courses are asking each other how to escape from abdominal pain, stool problems, hair loss, exfoliation of nails, dizziness, eczema, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Some are wondering where the periods went.

Do three kilograms of such victims cost, especially since the weight will return, but the problems will remain.

Will the weight come back for sure?
Will be back. This is a common occurrence. Rapid weight loss may not be safe for everyone. Fast diets do not “accelerate” metabolism. In general, there is no scientific evidence that a particular combination of products in a short time can somehow change the processes of energy consumption in the body.

That is, express diets do not cope with the main task - to destroy fat reserves. They just destroy you.

Is it possible to observe at least some express diet?
In fact, extremely low-calorie diets are used. For example, when an obese patient prepares for surgery to reduce the stomach, or when obesity is so advanced that a low-calorie diet will do more good than harm.

The principle of such a diet is about 800 kilocalories per day. At the same time, nutrition should be varied, the diet is under the supervision of a doctor clinical effectiveness of very-low-energy diets.

A more gentle method is 1,000–1,200 calories per day for women, 1,200–1,600 for men.

And while the norm of weight loss is still no more than 1 kg per week.

How to recognize that diet is rubbish?
There are several marker phrases in the description of the diet that hint that someone decided to trick you:
  1. Lose weight without diet and exercise!
  2. Eat what you like and grow thin!
  3. Lose 15 kg per month!
  4. Fat from the abdomen (hips, buttocks) will go away!
  5. In just a week ...
Still have to alert the photographs "before and after", on which everything is so good that it is simply impossible, and suspicious stars and footnotes in small print in the program description.

Are fast diets useful?
Fast diets are easier to follow. Firstly, it is not long and you know that you need to be patient a little bit. Secondly, they are simple: you don’t need to think about what you can eat and what you can’t do, you don’t need to rack your brains over recipes. Thirdly, if they work, then the result is immediately visible, it does not need to wait for months.

With a healthy weight loss, there are no such bonuses, there is only a long work on yourself. But you can take advantage of some useful tricks of fast diets.

  1. Make a diet for a week in advance. And don’t think about whether you can have a cake today or not. Fewer pangs of choice - it's easier to stick to a diet.
  2. Record your weight every other day. Even small victories in the form of 100 grams will help to see progress, and this is the best motivation.
  3. Make a diet so that you do not have to endure. If you can not live without sweets, then prepare low-calorie sweets. If you like fast food, make a hamburger made from cereal bread and boiled beef.

And the most important thing. If you still decide that you need to urgently lose weight with the help of extreme conditions, do not rush after a diet on all products in a row. Or rather, choose a program that will help you lose weight gradually. Then urgent measures will not be required.

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