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15 ways to make hair grow faster

Probably a familiar situation - a girl with long hair wants to cut them shorter, and a girl with short hair wants to grow them. If cutting hair is the work of a hairdresser, then growing hair is the work of time. But there are tricks and ways that will make your hair grow faster. We will talk about them today.

1. Watch your diet

To stay healthy, and your hair grows beautiful and long, you should always monitor your diet. An excellent source of hair nutrition can be such products: fresh herbs, legumes, redfish and meat. These products will help your hair be healthy and grow faster.

2. Do a head massage

Head massage stimulates blood circulation, which will stimulate hair growth. For massage, it is enough to massage the scalp with circular fingertips. Such a massage should be done every other day.

3. Regularly cut hair ends

To grow hair - you need to cut it. Not weird? Cut the ends once every two to three months. This will protect your hair from a section, and they will grow healthy. Plus it balances hair growth.

4. Refuse daily hair wash

Teach your hair to wash every other day. This will help your hair to produce natural fat, which protects your hair from the harmful effects of the environment. And while washing your hair, do not forget to massage your head.

5. Comb your hair properly

First, pick the right comb. A comb with metal cloves will only harm your scalp. It is best to use a comb with soft cloves or a special wooden one. And secondly, do not comb your hair every hour. This will lead to hair loss and fragility.

6. Less stress

Remember, the main thing is that the less stress and the less you take everything to heart, the better you feel, and your health becomes strong. This also applies to hair. The calmer you are, the faster your hair grows.

7. Change the pillowcase

If you want your hair to always remain beautiful and shiny, then you should think about replacing your pillowcase. Silk pillowcases cause less friction and irritation to the hair. Thus, they split less and get confused.

8. Vitamins

It's no secret that our body needs to take vitamins. We can get vitamins from vegetables and fruits, and we can also take special nutritional supplements. To find out which vitamins you need, you should consult a specialist doctor.

9. Proper care

By proper care, we mean choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, and possibly hair masks. It will be best if such care is selected by your hairdresser. I'd add that the best shampoo is without sulphates and parabens.

10. Reduce exposure to hot air

A hairdryer, an iron and sun rays - all this harms your hair. Because of this, they become thin, dry and brittle. If you can not live without styling with a hairdryer, then it is best to use thermal protection. It will protect your hair from direct exposure to hot air. She will help protect hair from the sun. Another way to protect your hair from the sun is to wear a hat.

11. Drink more water

Doctors say that you need to drink 2 litres of water per day. This will help our body get rid of toxins, and your body will work properly. It will affect your hair.

12. Proper towel

We already wrote that terry towels break your hair and change the structure of your hair. Even terry towels lead to the fact that they begin to split. Terry towels are best replaced with linen or HB.

13. Watch your scalp

Even if you do not want your hair to grow quickly, you still need to monitor the health of your scalp. If there are sores, acne, or itching on the scalp, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

14. Hair oils

I will not tire of repeating that the best hair mask is coconut oil. In addition to coconut, burdock, jojoba or avocado can be used. Masks from special oils soak your hair, even they are already at the straw stage. The hair will become soft and silky.

15. Rinse hair properly

I warn you right away - this item is not suitable for everyone. In order for the hair to remain beautiful and grow quickly, you can rinse it with special solutions. For example, washing hair with diluted vinegar will make it insanely shiny and beautiful. And rinsing the hair with a solution of chamomile will lighten them.

Hair is our dignity and pride. If you want to grow hair, then the best advice is to be patient. But the tips that are presented above will help you grow a beautiful mane.

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