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How to get white teeths.

To get our teeth to look good again, improve the tone of your teeth and strengthen your enamel we give you this series of guidelines:

  • Maintain proper dental hygiene
To preserve the natural whiteness of your teeth, start brushing them after each meal, using a mouthwash and dental floss to remove all impurities. In addition, dental cleaning at the dentist is recommended once or twice a year to thoroughly remove bacterial plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth.

  • Use a daily whitening toothpaste
You can use a paste specifically formulated to help remove stains, returning the natural white. In addition, you can find some products on the market that combine this action with protection against tooth sensitivity, since it usually occurs in teeth that have lost their initial enamel.

  • Escape from non-professional whitening treatments
We often find “homemade solutions” based on baking soda, vinegar, lemon, apple juice, etc. Most can remove stains from the outer surface of the tooth and exert a certain bleaching effect. However, the great danger of this type of uncontrolled treatments is that they can attack dentine, wear or loss of enamel and end up producing dental sensitivity.

  • Moderate the consumption of foods that stain your teeth
Experts recommend to moderate (not necessarily eliminate) the intake of food and drinks with pigments, such as black tea, red wine, coffee, cola, … It is also advisable to reduce foods rich in carotenes, such as carrots, tomatoes or spinach. On the contrary, white tea, milk (and derivatives) and phosphorus-rich foods, essential for the structure of the teeth, are recommended.

  • Eliminate tobacco
We all know how harmful nicotine is to our health and our body. However, many smokers are not aware of the damage it does to their teeth, since the smoke contains chemicals that strongly adhere to dental surfaces. Some of the stains can be removed with professional cleaning, but others will remain in the smile for a lifetime.

  • Opt for professional treatments
Most dental clinics offer options to restore the original color of the teeth without the enamel suffering. The most innovative and effective treatment in teeth whitening with LED light, with which it is possible to clarify up to ten shades the color of the teeth in a single session of 45 minutes.

Baking soda: If you want to have whiter teeth, try rinsing your mouth with water with baking soda once a week. There are also those who directly rub their teeth with this paste.

Banana peel : Less aggressive and just as effective as baking soda is the banana peel. After brushing your teeth, rub the inner part daily for about two minutes. In a few days you will notice that your teeth are whiter.

Apple cider vinegar: If your teeth have stains try gargling with apple cider vinegar. You will see how they are eliminated and you also get more complete hygiene, since apple cider vinegar kills bacteria.

Sage infusion: With the sage leaves make an infusion and use it as a rinse. Gradually you will get a much whiter denture. Another option is to rub the leaves directly. This trick has been used in some places in the East for hundreds of years.

Orange peel : The peel of this fruit is also very useful for removing odious tooth stains. As with the banana peel, you just have to rub the white part against the teeth to get the desired results.

Basil: If you want to keep halitosis at bay, take care of your gums and whiten the enamel of your teeth, basil is your best ally. Before going to bed, chew a leaf of this plant so used in the kitchen and let it work overnight.

Parsley: To say goodbye to halitosis, boil several sprigs of parsley with two cloves in two cups of water. Remove the mixture and let it cool. Then strain it and use the liquid as a mouthwash several times a day.

Vaseline: With a pinch of petroleum jelly you will create a film that will protect your teeth from external aggressions. This trick is very effective when you wear painted lips, since you will prevent the lipstick from running and staining your teeth.

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