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How to get rid of fever fast.

There are many small accidents in daily life, such as fever. When encountering these things, we often encounter some common sense applied to solve, but some people are accustomed to the common sense is not correct, then what to do with the fever? ? How do I get a fever? The following tells you the symptoms of fever and what foods you can eat to reduce your fever.

What are the coups for fever to solve quickly? Let ’s take a look together.

First, the diet should be mild, light, and digestible; avoid cold, greasy, wine, meat, high protein, and too sweet and salty food

Eat seven or eight full meals or temporarily skip a meal or two. This may be the opposite of what many people think. Most people feel sick and want to eat “good”, but “nutritious” things such as meat, eggs, and milk are “tonics” in food, and colds and fevers are mostly acute. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to declare clearing as soon as possible, and eating “good” is like “pouring oil on fire”, which will aggravate the illness or cause a cold to recur. A mild, light and digestible diet will help reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach and promote the recovery of digestive function. In addition, drink plenty of warm water and urinate, which will help prevent fever and injury, but also speed up metabolism and expel “toxins”.

Second, keep the stool smooth

With the appearance of the lungs and large intestine, the smooth movement of the stool is conducive to the fall of lung qi, and it returns to normal as soon as possible. On the premise of dialectical treatment, the method of rectal infusion with Chinese medicine decoction serves two purposes, which can not only make Chinese medicine be absorbed through the intestinal tract as soon as possible, but also make the stool be expelled as soon as possible. The gastrointestinal tract is the source of sputum production, the lung is the sputum storage device, the intestines are clean, and the recovery of digestive function of the spleen and stomach can eliminate the source of sputum production. If the rectal infusion of traditional Chinese medicine is performed without conditions, the abdomen can be rubbed hundreds of times clockwise around the umbilicus, and it can also have a laxative effect.

3. Scraping and cupping, rubbing the back and fingers

When catching a cold, on both sides of the spine (bladder meridian), from the top (above the Dazhui point) down (to the waist), scrape first, then cup (the best is a hot pot, followed by a vacuum gas tank), leaving the tank for 15 minutes each time Pull out 2 or 3 times in a row. It can be used regardless of the cold, wind, or internal and external cold type, especially external cold (no sweat, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose), which can have an immediate effect. For children (under 10 years old) who are inconvenient to cup, they can rub the middle of the back and fingers with their hands repeatedly until they are locally hot or wet and sweaty.

Fourth, use 10 slices of ginger (also add a handful of wormwood) to soak your feet or take a bath

When the body is hot or slightly sweaty, it can dispel wind chills, unblock the meridians, and not aggravate the symptoms of “fire” such as sore throat.

Five, 3 slices of ginger, 3 segments of light green (1 segment 1 inch, or with onion root) Wash and drink

It acts as a cold remover for colds without a sore throat. Do not use if you have a sore throat.

Six, 10g each

Remove the stem and sew it into a cloth bag and put it in the cap. It is just worn at the cardia above the child’s head.

7. Whenever a child has a fever, first touch his forehead and back

See if there is sweating. If there is no sweat, then it must be closed by cold air, and you must use the method of sweating and relieving the wind to remove the cold (the above three to six can be applied). Parents should be emotionally stable and should not use medications in a hurry. Do not use antibiotics or even hormones (prednisone, dexamethasone, etc.) arbitrarily. Otherwise, parents will feel comfortable and their children will suffer.

How to take care of a cold and fever

1. Bed rest and psychological care

When the fever is high, the body’s metabolism increases, it consumes less and consumes more energy, and its constitution is weak. Therefore, it is necessary to rest in bed to reduce activity. Patients are prone to anxiety and fear when they have a high fever, and they should be comforted and comforted to eliminate their anxiety.

2. cool down

When the body temperature is as high as 39 ℃ or above, quick and effective cooling measures should be taken.

(1) Physical cooling method

Apply a cold wet towel or an ice-dried towel to the forehead, while rubbing the neck and limbs with warm water wet towel or alcohol and half of water, rub it from top to bottom, to the armpits and groin, rub repeatedly until the skin Until the redness, do not exercise too much, and then take a temperature measurement after half an hour.

Note: For patients with high fever, shivering or just taking antipyretics, do not use cold compresses or rubbing baths.

(2) Drug cooling

The diagnosis of the disease is clear, and antipyretics can be taken under the guidance of a doctor. If sweating, drink plenty of sugar and saline, change underwear to prevent catching cold; if pale, damp skin and shortness of breath are symptoms of collapse, you should seek medical treatment in time.

What to eat with a fever and cold

Patients with colds and fevers should drink more water to increase the excretion of urine and secretion of sweat glands, and to supplement the water consumed by high fever. During fever, gastrointestinal digestion will decrease, so prepare some delicious, nutritious and digestible food. Such as milk, egg custard, fresh fruit, vegetables, rotten porridge, noodles, ravioli and so on. For appetizers, make some refreshing side dishes.

1. Orange Peel Ginger Brown Sugar Tea

Cut 10 grams of orange peel and ginger into thin filaments, add water to fry until half a bowl, add the right amount of brown sugar when taking, and take while hot. The back cover is taken to sleep to help reduce fever and relieve headaches.

2. Sugarcane horseshoe drink

Sugarcane is mainly for neutralizing qi, helping the spleen, benefiting the large intestine, eliminating phlegm and quenching thirst, removing irritability and heat, and vomiting. 荸荠 clearing heat, quenching thirst, appetizing, clearing food, reducing phlegm, nourishing qi, and eyesight. The sugar cane juice is cooked with the ravioli, and the juice is eaten ravioli. It can clear heat and quench thirst, and can be used for fever, thirst, dry tongue, or dry mouth and red lips, and irritability.

3.Seaweed soup

The heat-clearing effect of seaweed has been affirmed as early as the Ming Dynasty. Li Shizhen pointed out in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica” that seaweed is mainly used to treat “heat and annoy the throat”. It has a sweet and cold taste, and can clear heat, stomach, and edema. Cooking soup with laver can not only help to reduce fever, but also relieve sore throat. If you like to eat tofu, you can also add some. The gypsum component in tofu will make the fever stronger. For those who have a lot of lungs and phlegm during fever, experts suggest that they can use seaweed and radishes, and make soup, which has the effect of removing phlegm and clearing heat. Suitable for mild fever and early colds, not for colds with severe symptoms.

4.Milk rice soup

Rice soup is rich in carbohydrates, which can provide sufficient moisture and calories, and is easily digested by the stomach. In addition, the carbohydrates of rice soup can make the non-digestible casein molecules in milk into molecules that are easy to digest and absorb. The preparation method of milk rice soup is very simple, just wash the rice slightly, add water to rot, filter the rice residue, and add milk and mix thoroughly.

5. Coriander root water

Coriander root has the function of promoting blood circulation, and can sweat and reduce fever. More importantly, it also has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach. Children often have fever and recurrence due to weak spleen and stomach function, so drinking coriander root juice can achieve a “two-pronged” effect. You can choose 250 grams of coriander root, put it into a casserole after washing, add about six or seven hundred milliliters of water. When the water boils to about 1/3 of the original, remove the coriander root. Drink two or three times a day, and the child’s fever can be relieved or even subsided.

6.Chinese cabbage tofu soup

Tofu contains gypsum, which can reduce fever; pakchoi also has a cooling effect. Keep in mind, however, that you must not add oil and salt when cooking, or the effect will be affected. This “antipyretic soup” is not suitable for the elderly, because the elderly have poor immunity.

7.Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum evacuates wind and heat, eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying, and pingganyang. Make chrysanthemum tea, add sugar frequently. It can clear heat and detoxify, and can be used for fever, headache, thirsty eyes, etc.

8.Boiled ravioli

荸荠 is a cold food, has a good effect of clearing away heat and purging fire, can not only clear away heat, but also supplement nutrition, it is most suitable for fever patients. It has the functions of cooling blood and detoxifying, diuretic and laxative, dehumidifying and expectorant, digestion and swelling. For patients who have just had a fever, it has the effect of helping them to reduce their fever. It can be taken about 10 times at a time.

9, watermelon green peel soup

Watermelon peel treats flashing waist, sores on the lips. Watermelon peel, add sugar to cool clothes. It can reduce fire and relieve fever, and is used for high fever and less yellow urine, thirst and irritability.

10. Carrot Drink

Carrots are mainly used for tonifying qi, which are beneficial to the stomach and intestines, which are healthy and beneficial. Carrot fry frequently. Can cure children with high fever.

Fever is mostly a manifestation of the body’s righteousness and foreign evils, and the body’s immunity is strong. Generally, no special treatment is required. However, when the fever is high (those with a body temperature above 39 ° C), the internal environment of the human body is unbalanced, and the organs are dysfunctional. Especially in children, the nervous system is not yet fully developed and convulsions are likely to occur. Urgent treatment is needed. Here are a few commonly used antipyretic acupoints. Reasonable use often has wonderful results.

Ten Xuan points: ten fingertips, a total of ten. Shixuan acupoints are used for many purposes, and they are widely used in fever, epilepsy, and convulsions in children. When the fever is high, it is advisable to prick the blood with a triangular needle and bleed 3-5 drops.

Dazhui acupoint: Dazhui is located in the depression under the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra. It is the meeting point of all the yang meridians in the twelve canals of the body. In Dazhui, pricking blood with a triangular needle, it is better to add cupping. You can also do Dazhui massage with the spine, that is, use food, middle two fingers or palm roots from Dazhui to the tailbone, about 100-300 times.

Quchi, Hegu, Waiguan acupoints: The elbows, where the horizontal lines are, that is, the depression of the inner edge of the lateral epicondyle of the humerus is the curved pond. Hegu is commonly known as “Tiger Mouth” in the depression between the first and second metacarpal bones. Both Quchi and Hegu belong to the large intestine meridian of the hand Yangming, which can both clear the wind and clear the table and clear the diarrhea of Yangming. Take the two horizontal fingers upward at the midpoint of the horizontal stripes on the back of the wrist. Waiguan acupoint is one of the Bamaijiao acupoints. Punching these 3 points with a needle can lower your body temperature. You can also massage these three acupoints, and at the same time use the food and push the middle two fingers up from the wrist to the elbow about 300 times.

Scraping therapy is one of the folk treatments commonly used by people, and it also has wonderful effects on high fever. You can choose the above points for scraping, or you can choose a large area along the back of the veins and bladder meridians, armpits, and elbows, from top to bottom, light and heavy, and scrape until a purplered spot appears on the skin.

Concluding remarks : Through the introduction above, is everyone completely clear about what to do if you have a fever? Fever is a common occurrence for each of us. The above are a few recipes for fever introduced to everyone. I hope today’s introduction can help everyone and better deal with fever.

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