Friday, December 27, 2019

7 Healthy Skin Products

During the change of seasons, especially with the onset of cold weather, it is very important to maintain the condition of the skin. The use of cosmetics with a natural composition is a current trend. But it’s even better to help the skin stay healthy and tender, saturating it from the inside. 7 nutrition tips to forget about skin problems.

Any nutritionist, dermatologist and therapist can certainly tell you what your diet is only by looking at the condition of your skin. Digestive disorders, diseases of internal organs – all this affects its condition. Like other organs and the whole body, for normal functioning (protection, metabolism and excretion of substances), the skin needs to receive vitamins and useful, nutrients. Lethargy, dryness, greasy, rashes and redness – all this can be corrected and eliminated by removing foods that cause dehydration and intoxication (smoked foods, canned food, alcohol containing caffeine, foods, fried, greasy) from the diet. Instead, try to use more that will have a beneficial effect on the skin condition. And at the same time, on digestion too.


Provides a sufficient amount of protein that will increase skin tone, make it more elastic. A lack of building protein for cells threatens with early wrinkles, long healing wounds and inflammations. What is even more valuable, fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, herring are rich in omega-3 acids, one of the most powerful antioxidants that suppress inflammatory processes in the body. Vitamins A, D and E in its composition of fish meat help to remove toxins from the body and maintain the condition of not only the skin but also the hair in excellent condition.

Omega-3 fats have a positive effect on the structure and activity of brain cells, support the work of the heart, joints, remove cholesterol, strengthen vision


Great news for the sweet tooth. Cocoa and its products are an excellent source of flavonoids that soften and nourish the skin, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium, which support not only the heart muscle in good health, but also cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol and slow down the aging process in the body. But it is worth remembering that all the benefits are in the cocoa itself. Milk chocolate and Nutella do not count. Choose foods higher than 65% cocoa powder. We recommend that you pay attention to the recipes with cocoa, which can be found in the weekly series of materials Useful desserts .


And all the orange vegetables containing provitamin A, which is responsible for the regeneration of skin cells. The use of such products contributes to smoothness, good color and the absence of wrinkles on the skin. Retinol – a derivative of vitamin A, reduces the production of sebum, has a calming effect and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, eliminates inflammation, and has antimicrobial properties.

Vitamin A normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous and fatty glands, stimulates the regeneration of damaged skin cells


No matter how trite it may sound. Dehydration is the first step to ensure that all basic body functions fail. At the heart of everything is a violation of water-electrolyte metabolism. Water is the main food for all tissues, cells and organs, of which the skin is the largest. The fact that not moisturized skin looks dry and provokes the appearance of wrinkles is not worth talking again. It is always better to drink an extra glass of clean water.


At your choice – lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, currant, viburnum, blackberry, sea buckthorn. All of them are rich in vitamin C, which activates the production of collagen, and also helps the skin get rid of sagging and look fresh and healthy.


All nuts, in addition to the high content of omega-3, are rich in vitamins E and PP – powerful antioxidants that brilliantly cope with free radicals – decay products, eliminating from the body. In addition, they nourish and increase the “stress resistance” of the skin to chemicals polluted by the environment, and reduce inflammation on the skin.


Lactobacilli normalize the functioning of the intestine because it is precisely its poor condition that instantly affects the skin. Especially on the face. Acidophilic bacilli and bifidobacteria, getting into the intestine, quickly fight with “bad”, pathogenic bacteria, and calcium has antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory   effects. Enzymes in fermented milk are protein molecules, due to which chemical reactions in tissues are accelerated. Here we talk about the process of regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation.

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